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Privacy Policy

Organizational Science AG is a Swiss legal entity & subject to the applicable Swiss laws on Data Protection.

Preamble: Private information such as your first and last name etc. and particularly data like your religion are considered by two UN General Assembly resolutions and also by the EU Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) as Human Rights that warrants safeguard.

Enforcing and upholding these legal provisions is upon the individual – who seldom has an interest to spend time dwelling on this subject matter, public- and private- organizations and governments and their agencies as well as the courts. To obtain an overview of this topic we suggest visiting the website of Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and its staff, and to have a look at their commendable works that are by nature reactive, yet surprisingly up to date.

Organizational Science AG’s Privacy Policy governs our static website and follows the Privacy by Default principle. Our website uses anonymized cookies to maintain the site's functionality. We do not profile you or store cookies. We offer no opt ins, such as newsletters or illuminating blogs that inform you of novel thoughts, you could subscribe to or enter personal data, as defined under the applicable laws of Switzerland and/or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), via a website form that would serve as interface.

Organizational Science AG thereafter does not collect, aggregate, analyze and/or track its website visitors and their behaviors that typically would include prior visits to other websites, all activities and times spent on the current site and the subsequent visited site.

Organizational Science AG’s tutoring offering is directed at residents of Switzerland and its financial service sector. As this offering is a face to face activity we do not target prospective clients of any other county. 

This policy is applicable as of March 2020 and Organizational Science AG reserves its right to amend, change parts or the whole Data Privacy Policy when deemed necessary. Such changes will be reflected in this policy’s content.